Sunday, 1 April 2012

This Winter // Skeletons

I'm just excited. I know everyone goes through ups and downs with how passionate they are about their 'thing'. And so for a while there my photography passion was in a low, not a discouraging low, just a, you... I'm not all that excited about it. But this weekend, Lou, her girls, Brooke and I went out to take photos early in the morning. That was a treat. Great fun spending time with them. Make sure you check out her page (by clicking on her name a couple of lines back there), she is very talented.

And I found the most incredible thing. The source of my focus and energy for photography this winter. 

A beautiful dead tree. 

Normally I would show you it now, but that can not happen. Cause I haven't photographed it yet. But I have taken similar sorts of photos before, and I really want to expand on this idea. 

 This is almost a point + shoot. A reverse point and shoot, because instead of the first photo coming from my lens, it is of me. My computer is in Melbourne and I am not, which is really sad. Hence the photos still being on my camera not on your screen. I'll fix that pronto. In the mean time, maybe you would like to browse my flickr, where I stole these photos from. ;)

After debating, I decided I will play along with Sunny + Scout, I can just justify it. Haha. See if I get in trouble.

Hope you had an amazing weekend,
God bless.

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  1. Hey :)
    Thank you so much for following my blog!
    I love your photos and can't wait to see more!