Saturday, 14 January 2012

Follower // The Three Things Needed

Words are powerful, language is rich. There is a universe of expression in the written and we usually only keep to the galaxy in which we see. I have a love, a new love, for expressing not only myself but life, love and the incredible around us. The experience that we all share. The old powerful, deep and awesome thing that is human expression is something I want to explore. I want it to explode from me, in written, visual and any other way. Here is one outlet. Maybe it will work.

I want to be open to what the world is saying to me. To what you are saying to me, to what God is saying to me. To what the clouds are saying.

For some reason the start of something usually (unfortunately) goes hand in hand with cliches. Here is one; I will be as honest as I can. Not a new policy I hope, but this life is best lived raw and real. Unified with our neighbours by the fact that we share something or more in common. Three constants are required for this to happen;

  1. My camera in front of me.
  2. My pen beside me.
  3. My heart open.
It's like the heat, fuel and oxygen in a fire. I'm passionate. I'm so excited about living, teaching, learning, breathing, growing and capturing. I'm a follower. Follow with me.

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